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It has been said that without a vision people will perish. I ponder then, if it also could mean that we as humans have a basic need for art, for creating and for enjoying both our own and others' creative processes. Yes there is necessary vision, for example, for helping those who are oppressed (and you can know that a portion of any net profit will go to iabolish.com to help free people in slavery). And I think that there is before us as humans a possibility of a vision of more than "just living."

Vision: how funny to have the option of working with such a word in regards to photography; isn't photography, 'painting with light', all about sight and vision?

In my matted prints, my vision in first making a photograph is ... well it's something that my right-brain takes over and I hardly have words for it. Often there are redemptive themes to the images as you will see in some of the descriptions and hopefully in a published work in the future.

Be sure to print an order form so that you have it handy while browsing. More prints will be made available regularly. If you have specific request in terms of size or matting, please contact us directly. If you have a vision or a need for a photo you would like created, please see the information on the availability of custom work.

Some favorite Ansel Adams quotes:

"A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed."

"In wisdom gathered over time, I have found that every experience is a form of exploration."

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"Hope and a Future"

This print is done in black and white, and best matted in white; double-matting is suggested (though you can ask for what you like in mats).

I took this photo by wandering in and out of a creek-bed and the connector pipe under the dirt road, while looking for the best place to put my feet and get the shot. Though my Grandmother wasn't too pleased with my walking in water, this has been my most requested print. Seen far away, one often gets the glimpse of a keyhole. I have often given this as a gift to those who have reminded me of the existence of hope and the promise of a good future, or to those who are struggling with those concepts.

Available in 8x10 or 5x7 matted.

"Vast, Unmeasured, Boundless: Free"

It is suggested that this print is best double matted, but as always, you can choose (color and size of mat). Available in 8x10 or 5x7 matted.

When it comes to photography, I like to play with light and with water best of all, and with water I go back and forth between playing with stopping the motion and blurring the motion. Many people note that this looks more like a painting than a photo, and that was my intent.

This particular print is from spring thaw 2002, at Barberville Falls, Poestenkill, NY.

"Sky Ship"

c. 2006, Available in various mat colors and sizes

I went sunset chasing and ended up with a cloud formation that my eldest son thought looked like a ship.


c. 2005 A favorite matting of this one is an inner mat of deep red and an outer mat of white. Also your choosing.

Though these tulips are not scattered to the wind, the sharp redness of them reminded both my eldest son and I of the scattering of the Jews (my heritage); he named it.

This is taken at the Albany Tulip Festival (NY).

"Cool Blue n Grass"

c. 2006 Available in various mat colors; a favorite is an inner mat of maroon and an outer of white. It also looks appealing in single matted in maroon.

As often as I go sunset chasing, I also look for various icicle formations. Chasing down the temporary, the thing that is our momentary gift~

"Splash, Roar, Whisper"

c. 2002 This looks fine in nearly any mat or double-mat; with the rainbow caught in the photo, it depends what color you would like emphasized.

Here I am playing with stopping the motion of water, and as noted, catching a rainbow as well.

The title comes from a poem of blessing that accompanied it when the original was given in honor of two beloved teacher's retirements ("...you hold my children as they splash and roar and whisper around you...")

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