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About the Artist…


“Who Am I?” was an essay asked of my sixth grade class, quite a number of years ago.  I struggled with it then.  I think I’m getting encouraged by it  now  (the essay and the thoughts to work it out) – thank you Mr. Muldoon!


Though I’ve studied enough on my own in the texts and journals to have the letters “P”, “h” and “d” after my name, and would love to quote ‘deep thoughts’ here,  I think I am drawn to thoughts from a great doctor, our beloved Dr. Suess, that is:  I’m a person. 


I’m sure that’s a rather obvious statement and all the moreso if you meet me – and yet that’s part of my point in this whole three-pronged business endeavor:  I believe the world has lost many traditional social norms and healthy practices of both caring for each other as people and caring for the good earth.   It is my goal, at least as one person, to return to that.   I believe it’s time, and that it’s always the season…to treat one another and the earth, with honor and respect.


So whether it’s remembering a friend or relative’s birthday with flowers or a very special gift, taking time to get an enjoyable family portrait done so that happy memories—and fleeting moment --are captured, giving an artful gift to someone (even yourself), or using a healthy, energetic and respectful voice talent for your voice-over needs, I am ready to give to my community in healthy ways.  It’s the time.  It’s always the season. 


Yes, I am idealistic, sensitive, playful, and creative. 


I am the single parent of two school-ages boys who are the love of my life.  One plays viola and the other plays piano.  One was born at 6lbs, 9oz, the other at 9lbs, 6oz, and I think that tells a lot of the story of them!