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EARTH: Vision, experience and education

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Many people are afforded the opportunity of formal schooling in horticulture; some - a very few - are afforded the opportunity of apprenticeship. I have the joy of letting you know that I apprenticed under my Great-Grandfather, who happened to be the groundskeeper for the estate, Sagamore Hill, of the beloved Teddy Roosevelt.

Yes, I have kept up to date on learning how to care for the earth since my Great Grandpa Crotty has passed and long since passed along what he knew (and other relatives did the same). And if you have the chance to visit my home you will see quite the row of books that I own (sometimes a stack from the library as well). You might see me learning through the wonderful tool of 'google', which my Great-Grandfather would have loved!

Wherever I've lived, I've learned from people, plants, soil and study.  Cornell Plantations, Sagamore Hill, Caumsett Park, and various nature preserves have set the sights for my gardening vision.

It would be no secret then, that I am an organic gardener. I will use no chemical pesticides-and I believe I will not only help the earth that way, but save *you* money as well. It really isn't that hard to keep weeds away organically, and with the honor of serving you in this way, I'll happily show you my methods (I enjoy this work very much).

Basic to any good gardener, I will look to have something blooming constantly, April through October, in the space you need services in. You provide any funding, and I will have FUN. Seeing the products of my vision come to fruition is such a joy for me!

Though I belong to a beloved and wonderful local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), Homestead Farms, I have a niche to offer as well: Go to Garden Goods or Gardening Services