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     Strong, large-stemmed and big-bloomed, specialized (as well as common) varieties of daffodils and tulips, with hyacinths and grape hyacinths to accent a bouquet.  Forget grocery stores; you won't even find these flowers in your local florist shops.  Give a loved one (or yourself!) a very special treat.  Free delivery of fresh flowers within a 15 mile radius of my growing area (Troy / Wynantskill).  All flowers come wrapped in butcher paper and tissue paper, as you would find in your local florist.


     Prices for products: 


~Special orders can be accomodated; call or email


~$15 for 10 tulips or daffodils


~$20 for a bouquet of 20 tulips of daffodils, mixed with grape hyacinths


~$30 for a large bouquet, your choice of 30 large flowers


Since photos are unavailable until they bloom (and I would want to cut tulips for you the day before blooming), please specify favorite colors.  Standard colors of red, yellow, white, purple will be here, as well as some of my favorite highly unique varieties.  Next year photos will be available!


Remember Mother's Day, Admististrative Professionals Day, birthdays.  Think of a special teacher or loved one, or spontaneously show up somewhere with something to brighten a nursing home~!


Herbs will be available mid-summer onward until sold out for the season; there will be lavendar stems (my favorite--so fragrant!), sage and other herbs, as well as teas. 


Thymeless Decadence Cookies


Okay, this is the one indulgence area!  Chocolate-chip, oatmeal or oatmeal raisin, peanut butter or sugar cookies, 4" in diameter, can be purchased at $1.50 a cookie, $7.00 for a half dozen, and $12 for a baker's dozen plus shipping and handling for mailed gifts (pick-up is free).  Cookies are made with *Crisco shortening, with an advertized, "0 grams of trans fat".  Okay, they're still an indulgence....


Choose what base (basic, as for chocolate-chip / oatmeal / etc), and choose your favorite ingredients


Pick-up / delivery / or available for mailing

Please give 48 hours notice for orders


More to follow as the gardening season opens up~!

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