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EARTH: Gardening Service

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--One time consultations for your residential property or small business, regarding landscaping 'problem areas' or the whole property. I will come on-site to study the light, soil, and water conditions, and seek to create a solution toward native plantings, with something blooming in every month of the growing season. I ask a flat fee of $25/hr for the full consultation, or $20/hr without the soil testing. Many people use just this service and then take the information to their local nursery and do their own work from there.

--Yard or property maintenance. Prices vary by acreage, though usually the average hourly fee comes to $14/hr. We may agree to a seasonal rate; we may also have an agreement of a stipend for supplies for plantings, without the consultation (you say, "Just do what you think is best), and I do the work. I will let you know what I have purchased and planted and keep you up to date.

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